Offering Doctor of Audiology Approved Professionally Adjusted Hearing Aids at Manufacturer Direct Pricing
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About Value Hearing Benefits

What is Value Hearing Benefits?

Simple Answer: Premium Affordable Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids which are Doctor of Audiology Approved and are Professionally Customized and Fine Tuned by a Hearing Aid Expert.

  • Customized & Personalized Hearing Aids

    Professional Audiology Expert Assistance LEAD by a Doctor of Audiology with over 30 YEARS of Experience. Customize EVERY order to the needs and specifications of the order. After the Order is placed, ONE of our Experts will CALL or EMAIL to ask the customer a series of questions to figure out what is the areas they need better hearing help. If a customer can provide a Hearing Test, then that will HELP speed up the process, but if there is no Hearing Test, no worries. Through a SERIES of Questions, our Experts can figure out the BEST programming for the devices for the customers hearing loss and needs.

    Additional FREE Follow-Ups & Adjustments for the FIRST YEAR:
    • Unlimited Adjustments in FIRST 90 DAYS from Purchase
    • 4 FREE Adjustments AFTER 91 DAYS from Purchase
    • UNLIMITED Phone Consultations and Troubleshooting with Hearing Device Experts
    ANY Questions Please CALL: (866) 658-9492 or Email to: to Speak with a Hearing Device Expert.
  • FREE Supply of Batteries

    We would include (1) YEAR Supply of Batteries with your purchase.

    Premium Zinc Air Batteries in EXACT Size that is NEEDED for your FULLY Customized Hearing Aid.
  • Manufacture Warranty

    Your Hearing Devices are cover by a 1 YEAR Manufacturer Warranty. 

    Warranty Covers ALL Manufacture Defects and Quality Related Issues.

    ANY Questions about the warranty, like what is covered and not:
    Please CALL: (866) 658-9492 or 
    Email to: 
    to Speak with a Hearing Device Expert.
  • Better Hearing Gift - Experience Better Hearing While Saving Money on Groceries & a Free Vacation

    Included with your order will be a certificate for yourself or share it with a family or friend for the following:
    • $1000 Grocery/Supermarket Savings Voucher
    • 8 Day & 7 Night Vacation Voucher to over 60 Locations.