Offering Doctor of Audiology Approved Professionally Adjusted Hearing Aids at Manufacturer Direct Pricing
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Easy Payment Methods

Value Hearing Benefits Offers Flexible Payment Options

Value Hearing Benefits Offers Many Flexible Payment Options as well as assisting in Medical Insurance Billing. 

0% Financing for up to 24 months:

Value Hearing Benefits has proudly teamed up with Klarna Consumer Financing to OFFER East and Affordable Monthly payments with 0% Financing for up to 24 months. It VERY easy to apply, after selecting the product that you would like to purchase.  On the Check out page, click Klarna Financing, there will ask you a few simple and easy questions, and credit approval is within seconds.

Accepting ALL Major Credit Cards

Value Hearing Benefits Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Accepting HSA and FSA Debit or Credit Cards:

Value Hearing Benefits accepts ALL HSA and FSA Credit or Debit Cards.  Hearing Aids are classified as a Medical Product and can be purchased with a HSA & FSA program to save on your Income Taxes

Medical Insurance Billing:

Value Hearing Benefits ONLY sales FDA Registered Hearing Devices that are approved by our Doctor of Audiology.  These devices due qualify for Medical Insurance Reimbursement.  Due to thousands of medical insurance plans, Value Hearing Benefits will include all the necessary forms for you to submit for reimbursement.  Please Note: Most Insurance Do Not Cover Hearing Aids, but there is a few that due, and if yours does have coverage, and allow out-of-network purchases.  Then submitting the PROPER Form that Value Hearing Benefits supplies will most likely get reimbursement. *Value Hearing Benefits DOES NOT Guarantee any Medical Insurance Reimbursement.