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How to Submit an Audiogram/Hearing Test to Value Hearing Benefits', Doctor of Audiology Lead Team of Hearing Aid Experts.  To Receive a 100% FREE Customization of the Hearing Aids.

Providing a Audiogram/Hearing Test will allow our Hearing Aid Experts to program the device directly for your hearing loss.  This Initial Programming is ABSOLUTELY FREE, and the customer will receive the SAME Benefits as a programming session inside a Brick and Mortar Audiological Office.

After Receiving Your Audiogram/Hearing Test, ONE of Our Dedicated Hearing Aid Experts that is Managed by a Doctor of Audiology will contact you to discuss the Audiogram.  During this Initial Consultation, the Hearing Aid Expert will discuss your desired outcome and expectations of the Hearing Device. The Hearing Aid Expert will come up with the BEST Personalized Programming of the Hearing Aid. That way the Customer will receive a Hearing Aid that is READY to GO, when the customer receives the hearing aid within 3 to 5 business days after the initial consultation. 

How to SUBMIT your Audiogram (3 EASY WAYS):

  1. Email a SCANNED Copy or a Picture of your Audiogram to: (Please make sure to email your name and contact info with your email)

  2. Fax your Audiogram to: 916-218-4101 (Make sure to have a Cover Letter with your Name and Contact Info)

  3. Call (866) 658-9492 to Discuss the Audiogram over the Phone, the Hearing Aid Expert will be able to gather ALL the necessary information from the Audiogram over the Phone.